Black Lore

by Hyperion of Nefrax

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Hyperion's debut album


released May 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Hyperion of Nefrax San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Nordens Horde
The cold winter wind overcomes my blackened soul
As I walk through the eternal woods
Crushed on the endless battle fields
Blood of the warrior frozen in the permafrost
Across the north waters steel in hand
To revel in the blood of my enemies -
Breathes joy into my heart

The Northern Hordes
Riders on the wind of pain
Come to take your life
When they come to take my life
A grim fate they will see
Sons of Odin the face of death
Prepared to die to ride the wind of

Ravished by the heathen scourge
Those unwary of our might had been smote with a deadly blow
Those who oppose us cast asunder
The cathedra of Christ defiled with blood and tear
Through frost bitten valleys
Atop the highest mountain peak
The northern hordes march with swords raised

The Northern Hordes
Riders on the wind of pain
Theyve come to take your life
When they come to take my life
A grim fate they will see
Prepared to die to ride the wind of
Track Name: Sort Lære
Ancient tomes bound in the fear of man
Ruminations of the black text
Colloquy formed beneath the lambent plenilune
Infernal magi advance in their contrivance

Ominous figures burgeon in the blackness
Lust for infinitude of anguishing malady
Stray souls quiescent with Hoarfrost
Midden laden with the sacrificial rite of flesh

Diabolic wisdom reaped from sort lære

Tormented wisdom so shall it be writ again
Conjurations of torment extracted from black lore
Fixation divinity through unholy diabolism
A paragon of the corrupted mind

The righteous destroyed in bloody sacrilege
Evil force ascending now at the summit of hades
Risen from the eternal void stirred from silent depth
Delve deep into the forbidden freedom in black knowledge
Track Name: Odinn's Fall
Great lord of the nine realms
Odinn pays his dues
Knowledge now gained
The secret runes now semblant
Charms of great power granting armament
His greatest gift to his children
The knowledge of writing bequeathed upon Midgard
Ascetic devotion to his sacrifice

Odinn all-father
Wrought with self dolor
Not in vein His valor petrified in time
With his spear he Bound himself to the tree
Nine days without nourishment the price of acumen
Plummeting from Yggdrasil he let a shout
Through descent Odinn risen in power
Odinn's fall

"I know that I hung on a windy tree
nine long nights,
wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin,
myself to myself,
on that tree of which no man knows
from where its roots run.
No bread did they give me nor a drink from a horn,
downwards I peered
I took up the runes, screaming I took them,
then I fell back from there."
Track Name: Å Vekke Det Opplyste Hjertet
The shrouded figure
Wanders the frigid forest
Expels the earth from the place he stands
Enough space for the tessellation he bears in his arms
He recovers the scintillating mass with the ground
And walks to the rift in the mist -
The river
He lays himself down and takes his own life

Track Name: Morgenstjerne
Sun crushed by evil the forces Earth in eternal darkness
The clutches of the blackened void taking mortal life
Lucifer unleashing the tyrants of chaos unto the human plane
The fires of wrath that scorn the holy cross
Cast out from his glorious throne
Revenge burns the high north mountains

This day the astral demarcation shattered
Toiling in this hell eternal summer draws near
Clemency bestowed upon the bastard sons of Christ
A suffocating ash covers the fading sun
Winds of destruction come scouring the lands
Sentient life plummeting into destitute serenity

Time draws near to end
Discord attuned to a withering pulse
Visions of a word set ablaze plague my restless mind
Encroaching upon midgard like the malevolent serpent
Set ablaze this fertile land no sanctuary here
Morning star bring death to me to send me to eternal slumber
Track Name: Isdronningens Ødeland
Riding upon the oblivion plains
In savage wilderness of the wastes
Dire warnings of immanent pain
The cry of the dead fill the halls
The piercing scream of the ice queen calls
The armies of the living siege the fortified walls
Through icy mountain peaks the survivors escape
Wounded and dead lay amongst the frozen earth
Those left behind will surely meet their fate

Here on the bleak plane the warriors call out in pain
The queen consumes the world in a blizzard of souls
Upon her frozen throne
The world will become her icy home

The clansman serves her with his dying breath
Sorcery of the witch commands the ghostly fleet
Bloodshed upon the battlefields warriors meet their death
The longboats become trapped in the blinding pale
The howling winds rip apart their great sail
Frozen solid their efforts come to no avail
The crystal beast sweeps the glaciated land
Into the future the seer tells of a ghastly fate
A hail of doom falls by the her wretched hand
Track Name: Ni Trollmen
This day power of nine wizards bestowed upon me
As the aeons pass the power of nine grows
In the night he consumes the weak gaining divinity through flesh

Heed the command the gods grow weary
Stricken with rage the powers stripped
Now in this state flesh and bone lay where man once stood

Mortal energies taken for the rite of the damned
Dwelling withing the palace of the unspoken
The words come to them with greater knowledge